Optromix Erbius 1550m

Single Frequency Fiber Laser 1550 nm 10-200 mW

Fiber laser system Erbius 1550m is low noise single frequency 1550 nm fiber laser with wide-range thermal wavelength tuning and optional active wavelength control. It is based on longitudinal single mode. Erbius 1550m is designed for industrial turn-key integration as a 19-inch module for the benchtop. Full set of control electronics and power supply are included to the delivery package. Erbius 1550m key parameters are controlled by on-board digital display, switches and adjustment controllers. It is very easy to use. The Erbius 1550m comes with a piezo-electric tuning with internal and external wavelength modulation at kHz bandwidth for locking purposes. This is a perfect tool for research labs due to excellent performance, high reliability and lower cost.

Technical specifications

Laser emission
CW, single frequency
Output power, mW
10 – 200
Power stability
± 1%
Central wavelength, nm
1550 (1535-1580 custom range)
Beam quality
Line width, kHz
< 100
PM output
Thermal tuning, pm
Fast piezo tuning
Piezo-electric modulation, kHz
up to 10


Single-frequency fiber lasers have a number of unique properties. They are promising sources of single-frequency radiation for applications where the most critical features include a small intrinsic width of the lasing spectrum. Due to the wide range of the luminescence of rare earth elements in silica glass (Er3+) they can emit at wavelengths that are not available, for example, DPSS and gas lasers. Single-frequency fiber lasers have much narrower linewidth compared with semiconductor lasers. Fiber lasers have found applications in spectroscopy, for efficient second-harmonic generation, LIDAR, in fiber sensing as radiation source or the sensing element, or as radiation frequency reference.