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Laser technology that can amazingly change human life

Laser Technology that can amazingly change human lifeThe word “laser” is considered to be a light amplification of stimulated emission of radiation. Laser technology is not only a scientific term or a “clever” word from sci-fi movies and TV shows but laser systems offer numerous laser applications that considerably have changed human lives over the last decades.

The principle of laser system operation is based on coherent light emissions. To be more precise, the light produced by a laser beam is emitted with spatial coherence. It means that the light of the laser beam remains narrow across long distances, herewith, it has a tight focus, while when it comes to the temporal coherence, then the light has a pulsed emission over a short period.

It should be noted that the first laser system was designed over fifty years ago, and at that time it was impossible to imagine the vast range of laser applications. Nowadays the development of laser technology allows carrying out various advances that bring profit to modern society.

The most widespread laser applications include the following:

    • Medicine
      Today it is hardly possible to imagine the medical field without using laser technology, especially, the use of laser systems for cancer treatment and surgery processes. Additionally, there is an opportunity for therapy by lasers to combine with other treatment techniques to fight cancer. For example, laser systems are able to reduce or even destroy tumors that are close to the body surface.
      Laser modules made a great contribution to the surgical sphere, thus, the way to perform different procedures has been changed. For example, scalpels based on laser technology are widely applied for general surgery and procedures requiring more accuracy. Therefore, lasers for eye surgery can restore a patient’s eyesight back.
    • Industry
      The application of laser systems in manufacturing includes cutting, welding, drilling, and engraving as well as the creation of smartphones, tablets, and LED TV screens with the help of laser technology. The efficiency and power of laser systems have revolutionized the global economy.
    • Communication
      Optical fiber communication is one of the growing laser application areas. Lasers allow carrying out free-space optical communication, while traditional fiber optics use fiber cables. For example, laser systems offer communication among solar-powered satellites that are thousands of kilometers apart. Moreover, the use of lasers is not limited only by an industrial area and it continues growing.

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