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10 wonderful applications of laser system technology

on December 28, 2018

laser chrimera

Laser technology continues to expand new opportunities for modern devices in human life, in spite of the fact that the precursor of the laser module has been developed just a little more than 50 years ago. Today the use of fiber laser systems is growing as well as the fields of their application – from traditional cutting and welding to more advanced 3D printing and surface texturing.


  • Barcode readers

Laser system for barcode reading is a universal mean for item identification. In the past, all the items had to be registered manually or it was necessary to create new non-traditional methods for different industries and even within the same depot. Now fiber lasers made it possible to record items automatically.


Light Identification Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) is the most remarkable application of laser system technology. The ways of its use are not limited and vary from the laser rangefinder to a mean that is able to record the distance to the Moon as well as the creation of high-resolution maps that we use today.

  • Optical tweezers

Fiber lasers make it possible to manipulate and turn molecules, and even atoms can be separated or caught. Thus, laser technology expands opportunities for all kind of nanotechnology, including chemistry and medicine, engineering and physics.

  • Laser Scalpel

Laser systems continue to advance every sphere of the medicine, especially, they are often used in surgery.  Laser scalpels are highly useful for surgery at the cellular level where it is very important not to damage a vital organ.

  • Laser cutting system

Laser cutters are an integral part of the modern metal industry because they allow making the process more efficient and precise. Also, laser cutting modules are able to cut complex shapes and items from metal sheets.

  • Laser welding system

It should be mentioned that welding plays a crucial role in the industry for centuries. Nowadays laser welding system allows creating of precise and controlled joints made with different types of metals that was impossible before.

  • Fiber optics

Fiber optic cables are the main part without which the modern Internet would be impossible to operate. Moreover, fiber laser systems ensure fast data transmission using fiber cables for a rapid download and upload speeds.

  • 3D scanners

3D laser technology is a relatively new way of modeling a physical object that is low-cost and easy-to-use. The technology allows scanning of a physical object, sending it to a scanner and reproducing the precise item in a short period.

  • Ultra-fast photography

The use of laser systems for a rapid illumination of the subject in rapid sequence causes higher resolution imaging of a really fast moving object.

  • Discovery of gravitational waves

Astronomy is one of the main applications of laser systems. Recently, it became possible to identify gravitational waves as passed by Earth with the help of laser shot over long distances.

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editor10 wonderful applications of laser system technology


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