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A powerful 10-petawatt laser system is able to vaporize matter

on May 13, 2019

Red_Laser_through_irregular_glass_mj1Laser technology is a highly powerful tool that has numerous applications in different fields. Laser system power resembles the sun’s one but it is pretty weaker. Nevertheless, recently a team of researchers from Romania has developed a laser system with one-tenth of the sun’s power on Earth that is equal to 10 petawatts (PW).

At the present time, this fiber laser is considered to be the most powerful laser ever built, herein, it should be mentioned that the laser system is the most concentrated power on our planet. For example, the previous laser of 1PW was called a Death Star, the new laser system is 10 times as strong compared to laser pointers that are of 0.005-watt for safety in the USA.

The powerful 10PW laser system is able to simply vaporize matter, enlarging new possibilities concerning what happens during a supernova. Another laser application includes the possibility of studying the formation of heavy metals. The researchers believe that laser technology may find potential use in advancing medical research in proton cancer therapy.

Moreover, the laser system can be applied to handle radioactive waste as well as to develop new ways to find and characterize nuclear material enabling security groups to scan, for example, incoming shipping containers for dangerous and illegal contents.

The fact is that over the last decades the power of laser systems and laser modules has enlarged so much that the laws of light-matter interaction change greatly. Thus, such changes allow developing new techniques to produce x-rays, gamma-rays, and highly energetic particles. And these laser technologies, in their turn, can be employed in various scientific fields, whether in medical research or material sciences.

The laser system is established inside a protective chamber that is controlled by the researchers behind a computer. Herewith, the laser uses two systems – high power laser system that produces laser pulses and laser beam transport system that directs the pulses into the required direction with high precision.

It should be noted that a highly controlled environment in air quality and the vibration is required by the whole laser system. Its laser beam could be visible to the human eye and glowing red, despite the fact that it is toward the infrared radiation limit. And the laser beam focus is about 60 cm or a little less than two feet in diameter.

Finally, it is planned that the 10PW laser system will become even stronger by combining two 10 PW lasers to create a device of 1023 watts intensity per square centimeter, a wavelength of 820 nanometers, pulse lengths of 25 femtoseconds compared to the present strength of 1015.

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editorA powerful 10-petawatt laser system is able to vaporize matter

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