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Annual laser system market review

on January 18, 2019

Nowadays laser systems became a usual technology that is worldwide used for electronics production, especially, smartphones and autonomous vehicle lidar that force laser manufacturers and laser materials equipment providers to produce more lasers.

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The main drivers of 2018 laser market are consumer electronic devices and China and the most popular technologies are fiber laser systems, lidar lasers, and vertical-cavity-surface-emitting lasers or VCSELs. Also, lasers are the key element of semiconductor manufacturing, for example, semiconductor wafers and consumer appliances.

Moreover, the previous year is a great time for the laser system industry and worldwide laser revenue reached almost twenty percent over 2017. It should be mentioned that the biggest part of growth is due to increasing use of lasers and optics, for example, for smartphone manufacturing because its construction includes numerous laser-based processes as well as VCSELs for 3D sensing and ranging applications.

Now laser systems become more and more universal in human everyday lives. Sometimes people even do not know that their devices include laser stuff. One more field of laser application is Light Identification Detection and Ranging or LIDAR, those market is planned to double over the next 5 years.

LIDAR is often used in self-driving vehicles, rangefinders, aerial mapping, 3D scanning of objects and spaces, and aerosol velocity monitoring. However,  autonomous vehicles will increase laser market revenue due to lidar sensors in spite of the fact that this type of vehicles has already a large market share comparing to all other lidar applications.

Two other fields of laser application are quantum technologies and augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) applications. For example, lasers are used as cooling element for atomic clocks, laser materials play a crucial role in equipment manufacturing for photonic crystals, optoelectronics, and diffractive optics.

Also, industrial laser systems experience high growth due to excimer lasers, ultrafast pulse and CO2 lasers that are highly used for:

  • metal processing (welding, cutting, annealing, drilling);
  • semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturing (lithography, scribing, defect repair, via drilling);
  • marking of all materials;
  • other materials processing (cutting and welding organics, rapid prototyping, micromachining, and grating manufacture).

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editorAnnual laser system market review

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