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Automotive application of fiber laser systems

on March 15, 2019

Fiber laser marking is a relatively new technology in the automotive industry that lies in the finishing and making of parts no matter their size. Besides the automotive industry, fiber laser systems are highly often used in other types of applications. For example, today fiber lasers are exploited for all types of plastic and metal elements because of their accuracy, precision, and efficiency.

Canva - Person in Welding Mask While Welding a Metal Bar (1)It should be mentioned that not only the manufacture of automotive elements but also the security technology equipment and all types of electronic machines that require to be marked for safety and quality assurance purposes are based on laser system technology.

The fact is the technology of laser system marking differs from the basic imprinting and ink printing by its methods as the principle of its operation is based on the use of special fibers that allow creating a permanent and everlasting image free from the danger of being removed by any solvents.

Moreover, laser fibers have such characteristics as a high level of quality, high contrast marking on elements through the laser beams. Fiber lasers are ideally suited for complicated patterns and shapes that are only produced by accurate computer processing.

The main fields of laser applications include processing of the materials, direct energy weapon manufacturing, telecommunications industry, medicine etc. Herewith, there are different types of fiber laser systems that now are quite popular in the automotive industry for such processes as marking, cutting, engraving etc.

The double clad fiber laser system is a high-power laser that consists of two accurate and measured layers of fiber cladding. This construction enables to provide the ultra-powerful laser beam. Herein, the fiber laser design creates sufficient light confinement in the core and optical pump section all in the little piece of fiber.

The dark soliton fiber laser is not so popular as other fiber lasers because it is a relatively new technology that emits the brightest lasers with focused pulse emission as well, along with the option of single and multiple pulses.

Today the most popular lasers are fiber disk lasers in the automotive industry due to their free cladding of fibers that are not limited, and the fiber core looks like a rope that is bound to itself. The construction is ideal for power functions thanks to the coil strength. Also, fiber disk laser systems are easy-to-use.

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editorAutomotive application of fiber laser systems


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