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CO2 laser system for burn scar treatment

on February 8, 2019

Human life is very unpredictable and sometimes it brings “unpleasant gifts”. Thus, there are a lot of children who have suffered from different accidents and now have some problems with their physical health. Nevertheless, these problems are easily solved thanks to lasers. Now CO2 laser systems are often used for scar treatment in children all over the world.

Carbon dioxide lasers allow safely and effectively reducing the devastating impact of scars in burned children and the laser modules return their usual appearance for children who have lost an eye, an arm, ears or other parts of the body. It should be mentioned that it is impossible to remove the scars completely but CO2 laser treatment is able to improve the appearance essentially by changing their size, stiffness, and discoloration.

Thus, the advantages of CO2 lasers include:

  • Minimizing skin damage, scars;
  • Improvement of skin texture and even skin tone;
  • Help to treat pre-cancerous skin lesions
  • Minimal recovery time.

The thing is that burn specialists are able to help the majority of children thanks to laser system technologies developed by Israel companies. Moreover, they promoted greatly the advancement of both laser types and technologies.

For example, before it was impossible to treat fresh scars, and burn specialists had to wait a year or two before treatment. Now the combination of different laser systems makes scar treatment real almost upon healing, taking out redness and itchiness. Also, it works on long-term scars changing their appearance and elasticity.  

Nowadays, CO2 ablative lasers become a convenient tool for cosmetic-aesthetic procedures such as skin resurfacing. The principle of their work includes the use of laser beams that burn off the top layer of skin with its damaged collagen, and finally, the injured skin produces new collagen in its place.

Moreover, the novel CO2 lasers can treat scars in deeper skin levels, they are both very powerful and accurate, so they do not harm the surrounding tissue even in spite of the fact that they go deeper. Finally, the future development of CO2 laser systems will enable to get better results with fewer treatments.

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editorCO2 laser system for burn scar treatment

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