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Differences between fiber optic endoscope and borescope

on September 20, 2019

light-1502758_640It is a well-known fact that fiber optic technology has various fields of application. For instance, fiber technology has greatly improved the way industries perform repair operations of difficult or heavy equipment. Thus, fiber optic endoscopes and video borescopes enable to access or see hidden niches or joints in their hardware resulting in time and money economy that could be spent in complex disassembly operations.

It should be noted that fiber optic endoscope and video borescope are both optical fiber inspection devices. Nevertheless, it is necessary to determine which fiber optic device or unit will offer more advantages. Therefore, a company should understand what they will apply the optical device for before its choice. Some of the most obvious differences between endoscopic fiber system and video borescope are the following:

  • Durability

The thing is that the optical fiber in fiber optic endoscopes is regarded as thin and fragile. It means that the fibers can be easily broken if not handled correctly. Additionally, it is very easy to detect any damage to such fiber optic device: the quality of the projected image reduces in this case, and there are numerous black dots. Herewith, this fiber optic technology has limited articulation capability spanning no more than 90 degrees. Compared to fiber optic endoscopes, video borescopes, in their turn, are more shock resistant.

  • Image Resolution

Endoscopes based on optical fiber technology have a video image display system attached, but the obtained image is indirect. To be more precise, the image is provided by fiber optic bundles that catch the original image. Nevertheless, fiber optic endoscopes based on fiber technology could have black dots or broken pixels. A video borescope includes a tiny video camera installed at the distal end of the insertion tube.

  • Health Impact

Compared to video borescopes, fiber optic endoscopes have an insignificant impact on eyes when looking into eyepiece of optical fiberscope, herewith, such fiber technology has a lower cost than video borescopes that use additional larger PC or TV monitor.

  • Repair Cost

The damage of a fiber optic probe requires reconstruction of the entire unit while a video borescope consists of various modules that can be disassembled into individual parts. Finally, the optical fiber system based on fiber technology remains the most commonly used in various industries. 

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editorDifferences between fiber optic endoscope and borescope

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