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Fiber laser treatment of kidney stones

on December 11, 2019

medicalThe treatment of kidney stones are regarded as a painful process, however, specialists from the U.S. have developed a laser technology to make the therapy easier for patients in a way never done before. According to specialists, a two-month test makes the medical center the first in North America to apply pulsed fiber laser to take away kidney stones.

The development of this laser technology takes a couple of years on the project, that is why the specialists try to make Ohio State the first to employ it, as it already had some experience. To be more precise, specialists started developing the opportunity of applying this type of fiber laser system for urology in early 2015. By mid-2017, certain benefits of the new laser technology in over to the conventional state of the art were distinguished.

The fiber laser leads to kidney stones’ breakage into tiny pieces, herewith, such laser system is considered to be more consistent compared with the traditional laser technology. The operating principle is based on laser beam energy that breaks up the stones: “Once we get to the stone, the laser beam energy is delivered through an optical fiber that’s brought into contact with the stone. Once you’re touching the stone, activate the fiber laser system, and it delivers pulses of energy to the stone that breaks it up.”

The main benefit of such fiber laser treatment is a short time of breakage resulting in less required time under anesthetic and a faster recovery for patients. The thing is that the previous laser systems applied for kidney stone procedures are dated, they have been used for about 20 years and had numerous limitations, while modern pulsed fiber laser is one of the biggest breakthroughs in urology. The developed fiber laser meets the scientist’s expectations, it allows breaking up really big stones that it was difficult to treat with the older laser system.

Additionally, there is no often need for stents because the new fiber laser system enables to efficiently break the stones into tiny parts and dust. It should be noted that a stent is a temporary tube between the kidney and the bladder that helps the kidney drain, herewith, it provides discomfort to patients and requires an additional procedure of its removing.

Also, the pulsed fiber laser offers other advantages for medical staff, for instance, it is smaller and more portable than the previous model that required a special outlet in operating rooms. The main goal of the fiber laser development is to help physicians get better clinical outcomes for patients. Thus, the laser system is planned to be used in areas of the hospital where traditionally haven’t been used before.

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editorFiber laser treatment of kidney stones

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