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Fiber optics overcome capacity limits

on March 29, 2019

Optical Fiber (1)Fiber optics is a universal material that finds numerous fields of application all over the world, in particular, in the communication area where it is very important optical fiber capacity. The fact is fiber technology has not reached its upper limits yet. And nowadays it is planned to enhance the fiber capacity to 800 gigabits in 2019.

Recently researchers from the USA announced that they have obtained fiber optic capacity of 26.2 terabits per second over the roughly 4,000 mile-long trans-Atlantic MAREA cable. Herewith, they confirm that in the near future their company will improve the optical fiber system, and it will offer data transmission of an 800 gigabit-per-second.

Also, it should be mentioned that the MAREA fiber cable developed almost a year ago enables to transmit 160 terabits of data per second through its eight 20-terabit pairs. And, the researchers tested their improved fiber optic cable which fiber capacity was 20% higher than expected.

Therefore, this optical fiber cable system offers the following advantages:

  • high bandwidth capacity;
  • limited data dispersion and external interference;
  • fast transmission speed;
  • numerous fields of application;
  • low cost;
  • compact size.

It is considered that this fiber technology is able to increase network capacity without requiring new optical cables which cost is pretty high and can achieve hundreds of millions of dollars. This factor can play a crucial role in some countries such as Africa where the number of people, who are online, is still dramatically low.

Moreover, it is also required to increase the bandwidth capacity of fiber cables for data centers. At the present time, the level of fiber optic capacity is good, but it has to be higher. Nevertheless, the capacity of optical fiber cables may reach their limits soon. In other words, if fiber capacity increases, consequently, the reach will be reduced.

These things happen because of noise contamination and efficiency deterioration while the pipe increase. The decision about an 800-gigabit fiber cable will be announced later. Herewith, they say that the principle of fiber operation is based on the use of coherent optical transmission that possible increase the fiber capacity.

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editorFiber optics overcome capacity limits

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