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Improved IR imaging performance

on February 15, 2019

Recently engineers from the USA have improved a conventional method of IR imaging by inhibiting spectral crosstalk between dual-band long-wavelength photodetectors. Their discovery is considered to be able to reduce the distortion of an image and greatly improve the performance of IR imaging process.


Furthermore, they confirm that this improvement will certainly open the potential opportunity to develop a new generation of high spectral-contrast IR imaging devices. Also, it should be mentioned that the problem of spectral crosstalk has great importance because it influences the imaging results.

Spectral crosstalk is a distortion type that appears when light from one wavelength channel is absorbed by the second channel. Herewith, the results of such distortion are quite severe because it requires more time for the detection of wavelengths. Thus, it was necessary to improve the process of IR imaging by suppressing this spectral crosstalk.

This is the reason why American engineers have developed totally new distributed Bragg reflector or DBR, consisting of 650-nm/650-nm pairs of type II superlattices (T2SLs) and air gaps. Thus, they put the DBR between the two channels of a dual-band detector and now it divides two channels in an antimonide T2SL photodetector.

Also, the researchers have tested the end device comparing the quantum efficiency levels of two long-wavelength IR photodetectors with and without the air-gapped DBR. The obtained results demonstrate a significant spectral suppression that makes the quality of IR imaging higher and IR process more accurate.

It is well-known fact that high spectral-contrast IR imaging devices have a large range of applications that include:

  • medicine;
  • defense and security;
  • planetary sciences;
  • art preservation.

In addition, dual-band process imaging in night-vision cameras afford ground for distinction between moving targets and objects in the background. It should be mentioned that the device could offer numerous advantages in infrared imaging such as:

  • higher quality of images;
  • more available data for image-processing algorithms.

Nevertheless, there is yet a possibility of a limitation by spectral crosstalk interference between the two channels that could prevent to reach infrared camera technology’s potential.

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editorImproved IR imaging performance

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