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The permanent washwater monitoring from scrubbing systems

on August 9, 2019

ship-981597_640Today all the shipowners face one of the main challenges in the shipping industry that is MARPOL Treaty that stands less than half a year away. According to these air treatment regulations, the sulfur content limit for marine fuels is required to be 0.5% of the total number. In spite of the fact, that some shipowners continue looking for the most appropriate options for them, scrubbing systems remain the best variant for the air pollution control.

It should be noted that a special document named “To Scrub or Not to Scrub” has been published in order to help shipowners to solve the problem of choosing a scrubber. The document includes information about different types of scrubbers available. Herewith, despite the fact that scrubbing technology also demands a type of approval certification, there are no guarantees that scrubbers will operate within specification without some form of permanent monitoring of their washwater output in the future.

The thing is that the air treatment regulations are still changing, resulting in a huge amount of information and even misinformation concerning the installation of scrubbing systems that finally prevents shipowners from taking a decision. As for expert opinions, scrubbing application is possible because wet scrubbers enable to change the pollutant from a toxic component in the air to a natural component of seawater, SO2 to sulfate, therefore, there is no negative impact to the sea environment.

Additionally, ship owners should pay attention to washwater monitoring equipment that plays a very important role because of potential changes in regulations for providing air pollution control and finally may become obligatory. Nowadays, there are available monitoring systems to control the individual parameters, however, these systems for controlling washwater output from scrubbing systems are typically stand-alone.

This is the reason why combined systems for monitoring scrubbers’ washwater are still in development. The main purpose of such exhaust scrubber washwater monitor is the controlling the PaH levels (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, it is a dissolved kind of hydrocarbon) in the washwater charged to sea, the Turbidity level, and the pH level.

Scrubbing systems are considered to be an air treatment device that allows shipping to remain cost-competitive by enabling them to burn the cheaper HFO products, a by-product of oil fracking. The option of changing the fuel may potentially lead to more maintenance problems and equipment reliability, thus, scrubbing systems are the most appropriate variant.

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editorThe permanent washwater monitoring from scrubbing systems

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