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Vibrational spectroscopy enables to diagnose fibromyalgia

on March 22, 2019

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a common and chronic disease that evokes bodily pain and mental distress. Herewith, its symptoms are similar to those of arthritis, or joint inflammation. That is why it is highly important to differentiate these diseases and a team of scientists from the USA confirms that detailed profiling of the biological content of blood samples by vibrational spectroscopy technology is the solution to the problem.

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The new vibrational spectroscopy method for the analysis was recently presented by a group of scientists from Ohio State University. The principle of its operation is based on the use of energy vibrational pattern of each biological molecule for final detection of biomarkers specific to the fibromyalgia disease.

If the method of vibrational spectroscopy is developed and honed to reproducibility, the process spectroscopy will have the following benefits:

  • possibility to detect specific treatment subsets for fibromyalgia;
  • identification of new aims that differ from each other metabolically.

It should be noted that FM is a difficult-to-diagnose disorder characterized by chronic pain. Nevertheless, most patients mention other symptoms, for example, fatigue, sleep disorder, etc. that can be similar to other medical diseases. Thus, FM diagnosis remains a challenge for doctors, however, environmental and clinical factors are considered to make a great contribution.

The technology of vibrational spectroscopy is traditionally used in numerous medical fields of application, for example, cancer, urology, rheumatology etc. Moreover, vibrational spectroscopy enables to make a quick detailed analysis of complex biological samples, creating an exceptional chemical profile for each sample.

At the present time, the scientists test the potential use of vibrational spectroscopy technique to estimate FM’s distinctive features. Therefore, they examined blood samples from 50 FM patients and compared the results to those of 29 patients with rheumatoid arthritis, 23 with systemic lupus erythematosus, and 19 patients with osteoarthritis.

Using the vibrational spectroscopy method, the scientists could distinguish with 100% efficiency the biological samples according to their corresponding disease. Consequently, vibrational spectroscopy offers a reliable precise diagnostic test for FM differentiation from other syndromes characterized by pain symptoms.

The combination of chemical analysis with vibrational spectroscopy technology demonstrates that protein backbones and pyridine-carboxylic acids are two main component groups that distinguish the different disease samples and detect FM-associated biomarkers.

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editorVibrational spectroscopy enables to diagnose fibromyalgia

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