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Fiber laser systems do not leave scars after surgery of breast tumors

Fiber Laser Systems do not leave surgery scars Fiber laser system allows women to have surgery for breast tumor removal without scars. The operation takes less than an hour and leaves only a tiny puncture mark. Thus, a new laser system treatment for breast cancer was recently approved for application in the UK, and it is planned to use fiber laser surgery in other countries.

To be more precise, the surgery by the fiber laser system requires just a local anesthetic. Frances Barr from Bristol became one of the first women in Britain to be subjected to a new laser system surgery for breast cancer. Compared to traditional surgery with a general anesthetic, laser technology is based on the use of local anesthetic.

The principle of fiber laser operation is based on a fine, hollow needle that is inserted through the breast tissue into the tumor, herewith, a fiber probe is brought through the needle and a hot laser beam attacks the tumor. It should be noted that after the injection of a local anesthetic into the front of the breast, the doctor applies a handheld ultrasound monitor to guide a needle towards the tumor.

When the tip of the needle achieves it, the fiber laser probe is inserted to defeat the cancerous tissue, herein, the patient is awake during the process. The woman said that she felt some inconveniences when the needle forced its way in, however, this was not painful. The dead tissue was also removed after the laser system surgery and no trace of cancer was left. The laser technology succeeded.

Compared to a lumpectomy procedure, fiber laser treatment does not present any major risks, however, the procedure can not be currently used for breast tumors bigger than 20 mm in diameter. Nonetheless, cancer surgery by fiber laser system is regarded to be particularly effective for older women with small breast tumors who may be less able to stand the traditional surgery. Also, the doctors have to be certain that the laser system treatment removes all cancer.

Every year about 25.000 women in the UK are exposed to a lumpectomy procedure for breast cancer, generally when the tumor has not spread. Conventional techniques are useful, however, leave scars that may become infected (1.5-10%). The new laser technology, in its turn, offers the same results, but without collateral damage because of the tiny size of the entry point.

The surgery by the fiber laser system takes only ten minutes to achieve the required laser beam temperature of 60 °C to 100 °C. Additionally, the laser system has heat fiber sensors that detect enough temperature eliminating the risk of damage to healthy tissue. Finally, only two tiny puncture marks are left, and it is not necessary to keep a patient at the hospital. Herewith, the main benefit of fiber laser treatment is the opportunity to repeat the process if scans reveal it didn’t destroy all of the tumors the first time around.

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