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Annual laser system market review and forecast for 2021

Although at uneven rates, different fiber laser markets continue to enlarge fighting a slowdown in manufacturing and an uncertain political climate. It is a fact that the 2020 year was
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Temperature control is crucial for the fiber lasers industry

Thermal stability plays a crucial role in industrial laser systems. Thus, the developers and manufacturers of fiber lasers have to design them to provide accurate heat regulation. Because inappropriate temperature
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Fiber lasers fight greenhouse gases

A team of researchers from Switzerland has developed a detecting system consisted of conventional fiber lasers and a photonic chip that allows tracking greenhouse and other gases by the application
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Fiber Lasers and technologies for military use

Laser beam weapons have long ceased to be an element of sci-fi culture, and every year fiber technology more and more firmly takes its place in military application. Of course,
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Fiber lasers have a fully tunable beam

The newly developed high-powered fiber laser provides real-time tuning of the laser beam characteristics directly from the output optical fiber using a fiber optic system. Laser systems have become indispensable
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Extreme sound features of fiber laser systems

Diamond is regarded as a predominantly interesting material for this type of laser system for several main reasons. The thing is that it offers high thermal conductivity that promotes the
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