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Laser technology for military applications

Nowadays U.S. Army Infantry receives high threats, while they advance through wooded, rocky terrain to maneuver to contact and “close with the enemy” resulting in facing the most incoming fire
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Organic fiber laser systems enlarge their applications

According to the last research, now it has become possible to design accessible laser systems that are able to emit laser beams of a wide range of colors resulting in
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Fiber laser systems do not leave scars after surgery of breast tumors

Fiber laser system allows women to have surgery for breast tumor removal without scars. The operation takes less than an hour and leaves only a tiny puncture mark. Thus, a
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Fiber laser systems criteria for clinical treatments

Which fiber laser systems suit treatment in clinics best? First of all, it should be noted that a laser system with higher power does not mean the opportunity to do
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Ultrafast fiber lasers for smart cloth

Recently waterproof energy-storing cloth for smart garments was developed on the basis of carbon dioxide and ultrafast fiber lasers. Researchers from Australia offer cost-efficient and scalable fiber laser technology that
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Fiber Laser Systems en bloc resection of bladder tumors

Bladder cancer is considered to be the second most widespread urological cancer in adults and the seventh most general diagnosis of cancer in males. This type of cancer is traditionally
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