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Fiber Lasers as a tool for the treatment of kidney stones

The treatment of kidney stones is regarded as a painful process, however, specialists from the U.S. have developed a laser technology to make the therapy easier for patients in a
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Fiber Optic Sensors find cancer biomarker

A team of researchers from the Netherlands has developed chip-based fiber optic sensors with integrated laser systems to allow finding low levels of a cancer protein biomarker in a urine
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Fiber Optic Sensors favors better in photoacoustic microscopy

A Chinese team of researchers has created a new twist on fiber optic sensors. It promotes the development of a smart flexible photoacoustic imaging technique, which is regarded as a
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Laser Beam diodes create deep-UV light

A team of scientists from Japan has manufactured a laser beam diode that allows emitting deep-ultraviolet light. To be more precise, the developed laser system can produce the shortest laser
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Annual laser system market review and forecast for 2021

Although at uneven rates, different fiber laser markets continue to enlarge fighting a slowdown in manufacturing and an uncertain political climate. It is a fact that the 2020 year was
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Temperature control is crucial for the fiber lasers industry

Thermal stability plays a crucial role in industrial laser systems. Thus, the developers and manufacturers of fiber lasers have to design them to provide accurate heat regulation. Because inappropriate temperature
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