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Fiber Lasers for marking machines and 10 reasons to choose them

Fiber lasers are widely applied in many various spheres such as medicine, aerospace, etc. So there is no wonder that fiber laser machines for marking play an important role in
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Laser Systems developed for cancer cell detection

Nowadays researchers develop a totally new type of laser system that allows the detection and killing of tumor cells from the outside of the shin. Thus, preventing cancer cells from
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Laser system that allows detecting enemies by their heartbeat

It is a well-known fact that every person on the Earth is unique, that is why they have unique fingerprints and even a unique heartbeat. This unique characteristic has become
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Laser technology that can amazingly change human life

The word “laser” is considered to be a light amplification of stimulated emission of radiation. Laser technology is not only a scientific term or a “clever” word from sci-fi movies
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Fiber laser systems promote product technologies

Such advantages of fiber lasers as throughput, reliability, and low operational cost make laser systems a powerhouse in the manufacturing industries where it is necessary to cut, weld, mark, and
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Laser systems help in studying explosions

An explosion is considered to be a complex activity that is characterized by quickly changing temperatures, pressures, and chemical concentrations. There are special infrared laser systems called swept-wavelength external cavity
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