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Fiber Lasers and technologies for military use

Fiber Lasers and technologies for military useLaser beam weapons have long ceased to be an element of sci-fi culture, and every year fiber technology more and more firmly takes its place in military application. Of course, high-power laser systems that can cut starships and buildings into parts have not yet been invented, but many modern fiber lasers still deserve special attention. We will talk about them today.

1. Lockheed Martin company is a manufacturer of a combat laser module whose laser beam power can be increased by simply adding new emitters. In April 2014, the company produced and tested a 60-kilowatt fiber laser for military purposes. Herewith, its installation in the future will be part of the combat HEL MD.

2. The American company Boeing produces not only aircraft but also laser beam weapons for detecting missiles. The laser system installed on the Boeing YAL-1 aircraft is considered to be a chemical laser that is capable of destroying missiles and mortar shells at a distance of up to 1.5 km, even in challenging weather conditions.

3. Fiber laser Design Bureau of Precision Engineering named. Nudelman is a weapon designed to deactivate optical devices and manpower of the enemy. The laser system operates as a scanner: the laser beams emitted in a spectrum invisible to the human eye scan a potentially dangerous area. As soon as an enemy optical device enters the field of view of a fiber laser system, it is hit by a laser. It should be noted that such a system can strike not only the optics themselves but often the eyes of the observer.

4. Another creation of Boeing is designed to destroy drones, which have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. A compact laser module offers the ability to make damage on individual parts of an unmanned module (which can be useful if the enemy device does not need to be destroyed but captured), although it can only be installed on fixed surfaces.

5. The Israeli laser system made by Advanced Defense Systems was created with the aim of hitting artillery shells in flight. It is capable of destroying short-range missiles, mortar mines, and shells using a laser beam. This fiber laser can be used against ammunition at a distance of up to 7 kilometers.

Devices emitting laser beams are used mainly against high-speed shells or optical systems of the enemy. Thus, a laser system is one of the most reliable ways to bring down an enemy rocket or mine while still approaching, which allows negating its damaging effects. However, the use of laser systems as a mass attack weapon is just around the corner – few devices can be compared in strength to powerful emitters, and as soon as humanity can solve the problem of a reliable source of energy that will feed the machines in the field, a new era of military technology will begin.

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