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Laser technology for military applications

Laser Technology for military applicationsNowadays U.S. Army Infantry receives high threats, while they advance through wooded, rocky terrain to maneuver to contact and “close with the enemy” resulting in facing the most incoming fire of any army unit. This is the main reason why the U.S. Army needs additional protection. The application of laser technology is considered to be a possible solution to the problem.

To be more precise, modern laser technologies can be implemented for the use of pre-shot detection, which means that such laser systems embedded in Army weapons would allow identifying enemy weapons before they are fired. The laser system can detect an optical part of a weapon (glass) directed at a military servant. It should be noted that such an opportunity for laser technology to see a person and detect a shot threat provides a great benefit.

Thus, according to researchers, the laser system technology allows soldiers to find their enemies without first being fired upon, leading to saving human lives and changing military tactics. Nevertheless, these portable laser system emitters are still in development. Herewith, the developed laser technology should be used along with the Army’s existing Rapid Target Acquisition system that applies wireless data links to connect night vision goggles with rifle weapons sights.

Additionally, the application of such laser devices by military servants offers numerous new combat benefits. For example, laser system weapons are used both as an offensive weapon and a “detector” capable of finding targets. Herein, there are scalable laser devices, which means that they are able to collect several laser beams or fire in more narrow configurations offering various options.

The application of the defensive laser system for detection may include soldier-fired offensive laser module weapons. The laser beams are very rapid (they travel at the speed of light), moreover, the laser devices are highly quiet. Therefore, it is possible to fire silently, allowing military servants not to give up their position.

In spite of the fact that weapons based on laser technology are in development stages, they are already used in the following fields of laser application: firing laser devices for army strykers, the weapons system for the Navy, ground-testing laser weapons for the Air Force. A potential application of the laser system includes missile defense and armed drones engineered for space flight.

The use of laser technologies for military purposes has several developmental challenges. The thing is that mobile power sources are required for laser systems to operate, also portable laser devices pose some technical challenges which are necessary to be improved.

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