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Temperature control is crucial for the fiber lasers industry

Temperature control for the fiber laser industryThermal stability plays a crucial role in industrial laser systems. Thus, the developers and manufacturers of fiber lasers have to design them to provide accurate heat regulation. Because inappropriate temperature control can lead to systemic or catastrophic consequences. The thing is that fluctuating temperatures significantly influence the capabilities of fiber laser systems and their lifespan, as well as production outcomes and customer satisfaction.

The risk of premature failures on laser systems increases, to be more precise, in the case of low-temperature control (when electronics are not being cooled properly). Numerous fiber lasers have water-cooled systems (the chiller), and the laser stops operating when any of those components go down. New chiller technologies have been developed to produce a more reliable chiller that fiber laser manufacturers can confidently install into all their systems.

The industry of chilling systems is considered to develop with the demands of the fiber laser industry. “Having a chiller that has the right heat removal, along with excellent stability and a level of quality and maintenance-free operation, is absolutely essential in keeping that fiber laser system up and running, so the customer’s making parts.” And power stability of laser systems is highly important for their reliable operation.

An ineffective chiller is going to have a great impact on a fiber laser with power stability. Additionally, it can influence the laser beam profile that can transform or warp things. In the case of water temperature increase, metal components of laser systems can be moving slightly more than it is required, and it can lead to the motion of the laser beam resulting in higher pointing instability.

The benefits of modern chilling systems for fiber laser systems include:

  • high quality;
  • less downtime;
  • ease of use.

Therefore, such innovations are required and vital in the evolution of the fiber laser industry. Some customers would not like to apply laser systems because of their maintenance that is regarded as the number one reason for failure. Nevertheless, now the problem is solved by a self-changing filter, due to which it is changed for up to two years.

New fiber laser technologies allow the development of a user-friendly recirculating chiller for various applications. Today it is possible to calculate the ideal pump, fluid, and power capacity for the chiller in fiber laser systems. Besides, the developers can produce a chiller considering your budget, herein, it will offer the highest value for customers.

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