Fiber Lasers for marking machines and 10 reasons to choose them

Fiber lasers are widely applied in many various spheres such as medicine, aerospace, etc. So there is no wonder that fiber laser machines for marking play an important role in businesses that require engraving or adding markings to their products. Nowadays, numerous companies insist on putting their logos or special markings, containing a crucial company or product’s information, to their item.

Main principles of fiber laser marking machines

It should be noted that the principle of fiber laser marking machines’ operation is based on the use of highly concentrated energy from light generated by a laser beam of high quality, then this energy obtained by such a fiber laser system allows creating an image or writing over a product’s surface.

Also, fiber laser machines for marking are considered to be quite useful because they apply the light from a laser beam as a way of a product’s identification. Compared to the previous identification technique that used paint and ink for marking, fiber laser technology based on concentrated energy by laser beam’s light produces markings that cannot be smudged or covered over. This is the main reason why the majority of companies began to use this fiber laser system-based solution for engraving logos and descriptions on their products.

Fiber Laser marking machines’ features

Herewith, fiber laser marking machines offer numerous other reasons why it is necessary to choose them for your business:

  1. Fiber laser technology is a highly reliable and environmentally friendly solution;
  2. Laser system application on a wide range of materials;
  3. High-quality permanent marks on any surface;
  4. Cost-efficiency;
  5. Fiber laser marking machines are extremely durable and long-lasting;
  6. Resistance to harsh environmental conditions (high temperatures);
  7. Resistance to the process of sterilization, the laser system machine is ideal for medical and surgical equipment;
  8. High level of safety without the use of ink, paint, dangerous chemical matters or fumes;
  9. Fiber laser marking is software-based, to be precise, the machine enables to engrave any letter or character;
  10. Possibility to produce high-quality images on an object.

Fiber laser marking machines applications

Finally, these marking machines have numerous fields of fiber laser applications. For example, they are widely applied in the medical industry for manufacturing very specific medical tools. Fiber laser marking machines allows marking images, logos or even description on the medical devices that are subject of the sterilization process, herewith, the fiber laser technology does not influence the surface, consequently, it is safe to any patient.

One more fiber laser application includes marking the serial number of firearms that makes every item personal. Thus, it becomes easier to identify any firearm in the case of its stealing. Also, fiber laser marking machines are used for marking the serial number of each part of the industry during the manufacturing process.

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Laser technology that can amazingly change human life

Laser Technology that can amazingly change human lifeThe word “laser” is considered to be a light amplification of stimulated emission of radiation. Laser technology is not only a scientific term or a “clever” word from sci-fi movies and TV shows but laser systems offer numerous laser applications that considerably have changed human lives over the last decades.

The principle of laser system operation is based on coherent light emissions. To be more precise, the light produced by a laser beam is emitted with spatial coherence. It means that the light of the laser beam remains narrow across long distances, herewith, it has a tight focus, while when it comes to the temporal coherence, then the light has a pulsed emission over a short period.

It should be noted that the first laser system was designed over fifty years ago, and at that time it was impossible to imagine the vast range of laser applications. Nowadays the development of laser technology allows carrying out various advances that bring profit to modern society.

The most widespread laser applications include the following:

    • Medicine
      Today it is hardly possible to imagine the medical field without using laser technology, especially, the use of laser systems for cancer treatment and surgery processes. Additionally, there is an opportunity for therapy by lasers to combine with other treatment techniques to fight cancer. For example, laser systems are able to reduce or even destroy tumors that are close to the body surface.
      Laser modules made a great contribution to the surgical sphere, thus, the way to perform different procedures has been changed. For example, scalpels based on laser technology are widely applied for general surgery and procedures requiring more accuracy. Therefore, lasers for eye surgery can restore a patient’s eyesight back.
    • Industry
      The application of laser systems in manufacturing includes cutting, welding, drilling, and engraving as well as the creation of smartphones, tablets, and LED TV screens with the help of laser technology. The efficiency and power of laser systems have revolutionized the global economy.
    • Communication
      Optical fiber communication is one of the growing laser application areas. Lasers allow carrying out free-space optical communication, while traditional fiber optics use fiber cables. For example, laser systems offer communication among solar-powered satellites that are thousands of kilometers apart. Moreover, the use of lasers is not limited only by an industrial area and it continues growing.

Optromix is a fast-growing fiber laser manufacturer and a vendor of optical fiber sensors and optical monitoring systems. The company offers fast turnkey solutions and creates sophisticated fiber laser systems for special purposes. Optromix uses only its own technologies and develops a broad variety of fiber lasers. If you have any questions or would like to buy a laser system, please contact us at

Laser systems help in studying explosions

Laser Systems in studying explosionsAn explosion is considered to be a complex activity that is characterized by quickly changing temperatures, pressures, and chemical concentrations. There are special infrared laser systems called swept-wavelength external cavity quantum cascade tunable fiber lasers. They offer valuable and never-before-seen information about explosive fireballs.

This fiber laser device is versatile and includes such an advantage as a broad wavelength tuning range that enables it to measure numerous chemical substances as well as huge molecules in an explosive fireball. Researchers confirm that the capability of the laser system to measure and monitor the crucial changes during explosions will favor them to understand and even control the events.

The measurements by the laser system are performed with the help of rugged temperature or pressure probes placed inside an exploding fireball resulting in physical information. Nevertheless, the fiber laser device does not allow measuring chemical changes that may be created during the process of the explosion. Thus, it is possible to make a sampling of the donation end products by the tunable laser system. However, the data information will be presented only after the explosion is over.

The laser system is able to detect molecules in the fireball by controlling the way they interact with light, significantly in the infrared region. It should be mentioned that “these measurements are fast and can be taken a safe distance away”. Herewith, laser systems are essential for these purposes because fireballs are turbulent and contain highly absorbing substances.

The application of a new laser system device measures explosive occurrences at faster speeds, at higher resolutions, and for longer periods than it was possible before using infrared laser beam light. Therefore, now the swept-wavelength external cavity quantum cascade tunable fiber laser offers new measurements due to the combination of the best qualities provided by high-resolution tunable laser system spectroscopy and broadband fiber optic techniques such as FTIR.

The fiber laser system was tested on four types of high-energy explosives, all integrated into a specially developed chamber to contain the fireball. Herewith, a laser beam from the tunable fiber laser is directed through this chamber while quickly changing the laser beam light’s wavelength, then the light is recorded throughout each explosion to measure changes.

Finally, the detailed analysis of the information obtained by the laser system offers the required data about the temperature and concentrations of these substances throughout the explosive case. The tunable fiber laser opens a new way to study explosive detonations that could find other applications. Additionally, it is planned to extend the measurements due to the development of laser technology to more wavelengths, faster scan rates, and higher resolutions in the near future.

Optromix is a fast-growing fiber laser manufacturer and a vendor of optical fiber sensors and optical monitoring systems. The company offers fast turnkey solutions and creates sophisticated fiber laser systems for special purposes. Optromix uses only its technologies and develops a broad variety of fiber lasers. If you have any questions or would like to buy a laser system, please contact us at

Organic fiber laser systems enlarge their applications

Organic Fiber Laser Systems and their applicationsAccording to the last research, now it has become possible to design accessible laser systems that are able to emit laser beams of a wide range of colors resulting in new fields of applications from communications and sensing systems to displays. Thus, researchers from Japan have developed an optically pumped organic thin-film laser module that allows continuously producing laser beam light for 30 ms that is about 100 times longer than previously used laser devices.

Compared to conventional inorganic laser systems (used in CD drives and laser pointers), the principle of organic thin-film laser module’s operation is based on a thin layer of organic molecules as the laser medium that emits laser beams by producing and intensifying light during the excitement of an energy source. Herewith, an intense ultraviolet laser beam light from an inorganic laser system is regarded as the energy source.

Additionally, the organic laser system is highly potential because it offers such an advantage as the opportunity to more easily reach colors that are virtually impossible with inorganic laser devices. It should be noted that “by designing and synthesizing molecules with new structures, laser beam emission of any color of the rainbow is possible.” Although organic thin-film laser systems have been studied for a long time, such features as degradation and loss processes have significantly restricted the duration of laser beam emission.

Nonetheless, the researchers succeeded to overcome the mentioned challenges and enlarge the duration of the laser system process by unifying three strategies:

  • The use of an organic fiber laser medium with triplet excitons that absorb various colors of laser beam light than that produced by the laser system to decrease main losses originating from the absorption of emission by packets of energy.
  • The problem of thermal degradation is solved by manufacturing the laser devices on a crystalline silicon wafer and gluing a piece of sapphire glass on top of the organic laser system medium with a special polymer. The thing is that the silicon and sapphire material, applied in the organic thin-film laser module, are considered to be good heat conductors that reduce the heat level in the laser devices.
  • The strategy of optimization of a frequently used grating structure or mixed-order distributed feedback structure installed under the organic laser system medium to achieve optical feedback, the input energy required to keep the laser devices allows reducing to new lows.

These laser systems can be used in extreme environments, that is why searching for new laser techniques to take away any inefficiencies and prevent laser devices from overheating. Moreover, the combination of the organic laser modules with inorganic ones enables the production of colors that are difficult to create by employing a conventional type of lasers, with applications in process spectroscopy, communications, displays, and sensing systems.

Optromix is a fast-growing fiber laser manufacturer and a vendor of optical fiber sensors and optical monitoring systems. The company offers fast turnkey solutions and creates sophisticated fiber laser systems for special purposes. Optromix uses only its technologies and develops a broad variety of fiber lasers. If you have any questions or would like to buy a laser system, please contact us at

Laser Systems oscillators for more powerful fiber lasers

Laser Systems oscillators for more powerful fiber lasersPhysicists from Switzerland have developed a sub-picosecond thin-disk laser system oscillator that performs a record-high 350-watt average output laser beam power resulting in a new standard for the creation of more powerful fiber lasers. Herewith, ultrafast laser beam sources are at the center of fundamental scientific researches and industrial applications of fiber laser systems, including high-field physics experiments with attosecond temporal resolution to micrometer-accuracy machining of materials.

Nonetheless, repetition rates of several megahertz and average output powers of hundreds of watts remain still required from laser systems to put the envelope forward. The most promising way to perform such high-power laser beam sources is to produce them by increasing the power output from fiber laser oscillators rather than applying multi-stage amplifiers because of their complexity. The thing is that power increasing results in reliable and potentially cost-effective fiber laser systems.

The physicists have recently put the power-scaling approach to a new level. To be more precise, they offer a laser beam source that provides both the simplicity and high repetition rates of laser system oscillators with record-high average output power from this type of fiber laser. The researchers use a thin-disk laser system oscillator as the base, “where the gain medium, the material in which the quantum processes leading to lasing take place, is shaped like a disk of around 100 micrometers thin”.

The thing is that the shape of such laser systems provides a relatively big surface area that favors cooling. Nevertheless, thermal effects remain the main disadvantage because of which the record output laser beam power was considered to be at 275 watts. At present, several advances in thin-disk laser technology enable the physicists to reach an average output power of 350 watts, with laser beam pulses that are only 940 femtoseconds long, they have an energy of 39 microjoules and repeat at an 8.88-megahertz rate. It should be noted that these parameters are the subject of constant interest in both scientific and industrial applications.

Finally, the physicists have succeeded in the development of a technique that allows several passes of the pump laser beam through the gain medium without inflicting detrimental thermal effects, therefore, decreasing the stress on the relevant components. The opportunity to check thermal effects makes it possible to overcome the limitations of the 275-W level. Moreover, it is planned to use these laser system oscillators for the future achievement of 500 W or even higher.

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